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I love the Unknown

I am supposed to be looking online for my damned Prada outline I hurriedly wrote last week. This stupid cat keeps pacing back and forth below my desk, dusting the back of my knees with his tail. I love him, but he's gotta go somewhere soon, he makes the house twice as dirty, twice as fast.

I am dreading school today. So many fluorescent lights, under them I look sickly. I am also out of laundry so my clothes will inevitably be dirty.

I forgot to mention the fact that while at the flea market on Sunday we saw a grown man in a cage which was labeled "children's cage." This thought crossed my mind a couple of times yesterday so it's probably worth mentioning. It was the stuff nightmares are made of.

Last night was nothing short of spectacular on all accounts. Went back to the gym where Mark claimed he didn't remember what I looked like after being gone only a week. I ate subway and made some copies at the library. At home browsed through the new W. Natalie Portman looks the sexiest possible. Then I dominated Andy in scrabble, then watched "Drop Dead Gorgeous."

I just realized that Fashion Columbia is this fucking Friday, April 22nd. Who takes garments a week in advance for a show? Well, now that it's all settled, everyone who wants to come should let me know so I can get you tickets. You have all of 3 days to decide. Jesus, this brings an unexpected dose of chaos to my life.
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