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Eating Teddy Grahams in Your Sleep

I am licking the frosting off a piece of Jessica's birthday cake, while Kevin and I discuss the "dying season." Today I was a monster bitch, due to these migraines I've been having lately... I am going to write them off as dehydration. Also I had trouble sleeping last night. Apparently I was having dreams about playing high school basketball against Luke, who wasn't even trying. There were also these people sitting in the crowd who had constructed a viking ship float, apparently a mascot, with a flag waving from the mast with the initials S.K.A.N.K, whatever that stood for. I know, I know... I barely even believed it to be true while dreaming. The people who made it were Chris Weaver and Karl Handler. (I put these names in for your sake, Autumn)

I went back to the gym today, and instead of yelling... Mark told me that I am always so cute, especially when my dimple is getting deeper. Either way, I was feeling shitty when I got there... better when I left.

Off to a shakey start, the day is getting progressively better. I received my first issue of Blackbook magazine at this apartment and just finished up reading a third of it in one sitting. For those of you who haven't experienced this marvelous piece of literature, you should run out and get a good dose of underground culture. Who knew that a video of Southern girls pulling 40lb catfish out of rivers with their bare hands even existed. It's called "Girls Gone Grabbin'" if you are interested, and if you find the site, please send it to me.

This weekend proved entertaining. I ate fancy food and drank free wine at the Fashion Columbia reception. I had tapas for my first time ever... and white sangria. Andy and I lit some fireworks off in the "lot" behind my apartment and I finally watched "Motorcycle Diaries." I also started a new book, "Running with Scissors," which has already proved more than just mild entertainment. Everything is on the upswing.

Is it really true that Dolly Parton said, "To get the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain?"
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