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Sleeping in til 9

Jesus, there is so much to say, yet my brain feels empty. Trying to read "Running w/ scissors" last night, the words ended up blurring together. I slept pretty well, only waking up once, and that time I was a bit groggy. Class isn't til 1:30, but I am trying to get back into the "gym" routine. For not working out, my body is feeling so weak.

We watched "Capturing the Friedman's" last night, and I want the younger version of Jesse Friedman... sick, right? I loved the style of it all, and of course the absurdity of the family.

I am getting acupuncture this week, if everything works out, hopefully this will prove relaxing. They have massages at the P.C. of M. for just $30 an hour, which is also a pretty sweet deal that I will be keeping in mind.

Everyone should sign up for your free horoscope at Mine have been dead on the past couple of weeks. And while you are signing up for daily emails,'s word of the day is pretty spectacular.

And that's all I got...
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