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Shades of Gray

I can't really decide where I stand today. I was feeling spectacular this morning... I finished "Running with Scissors" last night, and all the craziness made me feel a bit crazy myself... drinking hot chocolate in bed in May. I wanted to be the one throwing all the dishes into my front lawn. Either way, onto "Love in the Time of Cholera," anything to deter from the homework at hand. I can't focus on anything of importance.

I wanted to go to the gym, but the monetary confrontation with the boss killed the mood, I am lying to myself that I may go for a run later. But then again, who knows, it's not like I can write a paper on Helmut Newton at this moment or in this state of mind. Plus I just hooked the ipod on the charger, so I must have some subsconcious intentions.

Right now I am down to the last of foods in the cabinet. Chocolate powerbars anyone? I am drinking coffee with creamer!!! And I am broke as ever, so don't expect any tasty snacks over here... In addition to this, my cooking skills are failing.

Does anyone with Tmobile know if you can up your contract minutes in the middle?

I desperately need to go to coffee tonight. I would prefer the Golden Angel on Irving Park, but Hollywood is sounding like a tolerable substitute. I want to sit there silent until my sight is blurred by the yellowing lights and cigarette smoke, then I'll fall asleep with a packet of crushed saltines in my lap and my face in a bowl of congealed chicken rice soup.
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