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"If you want clean fun, go buy a kite"

GROSS...Gross...gross. This is the only word which can describe the state of affairs today. I wrote the rest of my paper on "The Acquisition of Naboth's Vineyard" in a hungover stupor. When I left the room, the window was open and wind shattered my plate on the floor. All this while wearing a my dirty comforter as a dress. There was some napping on the floor in front of the door wrapped in this blanket as well. And so many long hugs I couldn't even handle it.

The show last night was my favorite of all the PS shows I've gone to... however everything seemed to conclude in a whirlwind of crazy... for all parties involved. Was I really yelling? "Wind you up, and make you crawl to me.. Tie you up until you call to me."

The skin on my fingers won't stop peeling, revealing the stingy, tender flesh beneath. My nails are chipped while the cuticles need pushing and trimming. This is the mentality of the month. The only things that matter are those in front of my face... hands typing on a keyboard, crumbs on my sweater, the tightening in my chest from caffeine and stress.

It is with this mindset that I must go teach small children how to use their body's buoyancy to stay afloat in water... and with enthusiasm. Sick.
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