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Summer is an inappriopriate time for keeping a livejournal

Can a person use the word "shit-storm" more times than I have in the past week? I think it was subconsciously derived from "The Life Aquatic".

It's 1:15 and I am sitting here with a fresh cup, trying to distract myself from walking in this fine weather. A person can only read so much in one night... although I think that "The Bitch in the House" should be required for all people with real lives to live. Apparently a sequel entitled "Bastard of the House", or something like that was recently released.

There are so many events going on in the big Chi-town right now, it's so hard to choose which seem to be the most significantly satisfying. The "Found" film debut, David Sedaris @ Borders, Wicker Park Junk Sale, Some author speaking about Dive Bars @ Quimby's, Ribfest, Movies in the Park, etc, etc, etc.

Am I wrong for liking the songs I've heard from "Get Behind Me Satan?"

Autumn & Ben came to visit this weekend, and thankfully we spent some time sunning, socializing, and making fun of people with dogs on Montrose beach. What is the story on these stupid plastic things they have made to throw balls for your dogs to fetch? Are people really too lazy to use their arms? I feel like I am missing something...

F.Y.I pretty much everything sucks at H&M right now... so don't even bother.

Does anyone know if there is a Polish tradition of lighting candles to guide the soul of a person who has recently died?
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