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It's Sunday's Fault
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Sunday, April 17th, 2005
10:36 pm
Stage Fright
I was just informed that my one, insignificant garment, was in fact selected to be in this year's fashion show at Columbia. I am scared to walk down the runway at the end of the show... next to a fucking model. I am reminded of this one ridiculous episode of "Queer Eye" I watched on Thanksgiving. Now that I am faced with the reality of life again, I am feeling like a fucking idiot for not entering more... I can't help but compare myself with those people in my classes who have multiple things in the show... 3 to 4 times more. Fuck those over achieving assholes.

Nothing feels better than a nighttime bike ride. Pedaling down Ashland in a trucker vest, too dark for most of the cars to see, until the last minute when they swerve around you... it's freedom. I should start wearing my "adorable" yellow helmet to protect my pretty little head. I noticed tonight that when I ride the cruiser, I keep my pinkies raised and scrunched, kind of like when I am drinking coffee out of a mug. It must be my blue blood roots... ha.

I guess it being Sunday night and all, it's time to snap out of the dream that was this past week. 2 trips to Byron in the same week is 2 too many. Although I wouldn't trade time bonding with the grass for anything and who can beat cable tv? Please, someone have watched "Sheer Dallas" so you can tell me about it.

I went to the flea market today, and acquired some nice things. The vest, a vintage golfer shirt, "Drop Dead Gorgeous", and religious paraphernalia. Someone brought in "Running with Scissors" to the PC today, and I am pretty excited to soar through that piece of "fluff reading". So many quotations today.

I also got some new music for the ipod, thanks to all, and let's keep our fingers crossed for this upcoming week.

Current Mood: thoughtful
Monday, April 11th, 2005
11:55 pm
"Pilgrim, it takes a long road to find out who you are"
Apparently it's Enya who can keep me in some sort of calm mental state during this scholastic frenzy. I haven't kept up with my "inspiration" notebook all semester and I am having some trouble finding out much about the history of Prada... all the the articles want to tell and retell stories of the $41 million store built by Koolhaas in NYC. I am also thinking of making some simplifications to the draping dress I originally designed, lately it just seems like much too much, especially with the looming deadline of the Columbia show submissions, who knows... I might be able to enter the "strip" dress in FGI, even with some alterations.

It's exactly 4 days until taxes are due, I am owing something like $150, which my mom has nicely agreed to pay in the meantime until I get some extra cash. This is a plus.

I visited the Rford and B-town with Andy today. It was a nice change of pace minus the ridiculous amount of traffic on the way home. I don't know how people can tolerate that on a daily basis, the train is definitely a better alternative. We lunched at Don Pablos with Big Russ and drank giant margaritas. Also, the wishful thinking about visiting N. Main goodwill came true... and I found a fantastic bluish vintage ice bucket complete with tongs still in their original packaging. The clothing, however, proved a bit disappointing. We "snuck" into my parents of which I gave a guided tour and also realized that they keep way too much shit. It doesn't really matter if it's not organized, but if you know that you could never put it away neatly, then you probably don't need it?

For all those people reading this with issues in your lives, I am worrying about you, all of you. We should probably have massages this week... talking about it today made it mandatory. I hear it's cheap in Chinatown.

Current Mood: drained
Sunday, April 10th, 2005
9:03 pm
Motion does not equal productivity
I should be the with Jillster eating free snacks at the H.O.B. hotel right now... but instead I am procrastinating my homework by talking online and eating some of a sushi platter from Jewel. Sunday is for Sushi... it's a recurring craving I have.

I am going to Rockford tomorrow and for some reason it always makes me super excited to show it to other people. There are some pretty areas downtown near the river in the Country Club district. I am looking forward to the Rathskeller and Goodwill on N. Main.

I worked at the P.C. all weekend and really couldn't handle people today. Especially this one bitch. I think I secretly despised her for the fact that she actually looked good with her hair slicked back with gel and she was about as annoyed with the whole process as I am.

Listing feels appropriate since I have nothing to say.

Places to which I am in the mood to travel:

1. Canada
2. San Fran
3. Switzerland
4. Madison,WI
5. Georgia
6. Texas
7. England
8. Orgeon, IL
9. Curacao
10. Hong Kong

If anyone can work this out, I will be forever indebted to you.

Current Mood: calm
Friday, April 8th, 2005
12:11 pm
I wasn't going to write today, because I am feeling my entries are lacking they are so frequent. However, I wanted to document this experience. Oddly enough, it has to do with the guy sitting next to me. He's older, I would put him at about 40-50 age grouping. He's wearing some sort of flaky leather jacket, high water dress pants and black tennis shoes with white socks. He's bald and his finger nails are clipped into little pyramids, which have been jammed full of dirt. I also noticed a peculiar stench when sitting down next ot him. Either way, he's online chatting up some little girls with screen names like "Jodiblueyes" and it's creeping the fuck out of me... I am sitting next to a creepster child molester, documenting his activity at this very moment and he has no idea because he's trying to hunch over and hide his bulging dick... frantically pecking at the keyboard...this world is so disgusting in some respects, I can't even handle it.

Current Mood: Repulsed
Thursday, April 7th, 2005
9:42 am
One is silver and the other gold...
I slept better last night than in days. It's the rule of 3s.. 6 or 9 hours and you are golden. Oh important life lessons they teach you at art school. You won't remember which their, there, or they're to use in conversation, but damn it, you will get rested.

My toe is throbbing, and looks a bit swollen. Maybe I will use this as an excuse to only accomplish half the shit I need to do to today. I could probably gather up enough self righteousness to do this anyway, toes aside.

COOK ME EGGS FOR BREAKFAST! I want 2, over easy with a side of wheat toast, grapefruit juice and coffee.

If having a pet is a fraction of what having children is, I want absolutely nothing to do with it. Always hungry and needing attention and tracking litter everywhere!

Autumn, do you think it's possible that me, you and Maja just become hermits somewhere?
Wednesday, April 6th, 2005
2:10 pm
The Beauty and Symmetry of Redundance
Right now I should be copying this article from the library for the paper I have to write tonite. I am in a scholastic rut. I tuned out the entire Bible lecture this morning thinking about how I say too much about everything. I can't even handle myself right now. I look like a muddy trashpile today... hair a bit greasy, pants too wrinkly, shirt so thin you can see nip every 10 min or so, coat smelling like an ashtray and speckled with bloodstains on the tan side (ironically, my favorite side).

Last night was a mess, but a funny one. It began with the burn I acquired on my leg from attempting to iron my jeans in heels and underwear. Later on I was exchanging a hooker hugs for prayers. While walking barefoot, I stubbed my toe, then tried to put it back in my shoe, which ended up spilling blood over the edges. There was a drunken bath with confetti bath bomb involved.

I am a bit unsettled about this Summer's projections. Working at JCC every fucking day and Plato's at night or on the weekends? Gross. Sounds like no sunshine and lots of bike riding and sweating. I guess it's the price you pay for wanting to buy every dumb piece of shit thing you see. Speaking of this, I am thinking of Missoni sunglasses for this Summer, anybody wanna go shopping?

To add insult to injury, I received a B on my Bible as Lit. paper which was riddled with commentary about how I have trouble expressing my thoughts. My fragmented brain appears to be getting the best of me. After class I was pulled aside so he could tell me that he holds a lot of respect for my brain and if I don't get an A on the next one he's going to "kitten sock" me in the face. You can quote him on that one.

Things I need to be doing more of:

1. Making Money

2. Going to the Flea Market

3. Sewing

4. Getting all the Rufus CDs

5. Sleeping

6. Wearing heels

7. Caring about school

8. Vacation planning

9. Calling Katie

10. Petting Royal

Current Mood: stressed
Tuesday, April 5th, 2005
2:23 am
Welcome to the Jungle
This coffee is cold. My stomach feels thoroughly coated and a little dissatisfied with me.

I forgot that I have 2 midterms tomorrow, what asshole gives midterms immediately following Spring Break? A whole bunch of computer terms to look up and fashion criteria to memorize. Sick.

I went to Will's tonight to pick up a ton of my shit. Just insults with a sprinkle of argument, and a splash of tears. At least we could agree that it was always headed for nowhere. Him= too much electronic music and parenting, Me= dysfunctional and too much "expensive" taste?

Autumn, I love you and your unhealthy boobs... Happy Birthday. I wish I were stepping off the luxurious Amtrak at this very moment to give you a fantastically marvelous hug.

Jillster, thanks for eating shitty Mexican food with me and for the gift of orange ribbon shirts. P.S.... I love the pics at PC of you and yarriters as hotdogs.

Kevin, I would love to see the Nomadic Museum, thanks for the pics. Maybe someday I will actually go to the big, bad NYC.

Andy, I needed to hear the term "Morganstein"... it fills my head with cartoon inspiration.

S. Yarrito, I have nothing to say to you because we are no longer going on any sort of regular dates. Maybe when you wanna get something else pierced... we can reconvene.

I love everyone who could possibly read this. You are all extraordinarily spectacular today.

Current Mood: satisfied
Sunday, April 3rd, 2005
1:25 pm
"It's such a perfect day, I'm glad I spent it with you"
I wish I still had my trainspotting cd and dvd, but apparently I am a good target for theft. This is probably partially due to the fact that I acquire so much shit, thank God some of it has been stolen, or there would be so much more.

My hands are freezing and I'm wearing a new pseudo "members only" reversible tan/black jacket Andy bought me at Village yesterday. This coffee is cold and a bit on the gross side, however I needed something to accompany my entree of chicken breast, which followed an appetizer of flaming hot cheese fries. Meanwhile, I am prepping for a neigbhorhood walk.

All in all, this weekend (and Spring Break) was a success; stuffed with a lot of my favorite things. Yellow tail, Pulp, Hollywood Grill, neighborhood strolling, The Village, Quimby's, cowboy cake pans, spooning, cartoons, thai food, and of course, brainstorming for creative knuckle tattoos. As always, there was a minute of silence and irritation, but these factors are inevitable.

I can't go back to school, work, and sport top design. I am a big bit of jealous of the pics Amber sent of Spring Break in Mexico. Acapulco, 5 nights, for $450? It was a steal. Instead I get "Ghetto Drama Live", a free screening across the street. Yuck.

Current Mood: blah
Thursday, March 31st, 2005
10:58 pm
April is the cruelest month...
I just finished my trek to the suburbs. I went to fully carpeted bar which had a clock that only had the numbers 1-4 on it, and said something like "who cares about the rest". I couldn't even finish my drink. Too many fast food restaurants, car dealerships, and noisy people riding the bus. The train was jammed with people coming from O'hare, drinking Starbucks, and counting how many stops they had left until the W Lakeshore. If I could afford to stay there, I surely wouldn't take public transportation. God, it's warm one day, and everyone thinks tourist season has begun. I really can't imagine vacationing to Chicago if I wouldn't have grown up 2 hours away.

Today was filled with laying and eating, 2 things I don't really do enough of. Watched Kill Bill 2, which has much better dialogue than the first, and parts of Napoleon with a serving of every special feature available. There was also a lot of bitching from all parties... and going to the liquor store in my pajamas. We discussed current events with a homeless man and the boys in the store. And I bought a sticky hand out of the machine at the currency exchange which proved only mildly entertaining.

I threw a fit last night which involved throwing my purse and sweater on the sidewalk and threatening to go home with only my keys. Recalling this incident made me laugh periodically throughout the day. Who knew a Spring Break at home would be so eventful? And there was something happening with scribbling on the walls in the bathroom at Phyllis's.

Have you ever googled your name? A couple of years ago, mine used to come up with something about where I was seeded at a state track meet, but now it's nothing. I am thinking I should try to work on that one... maybe when I become famous with this sports top, and I am making 5% of the millions of dollars we are going to be doing in sales, all that will change...

I got some new fish for my tank and surprisingly enough, only one of them has died. I would venture to guess that's the best luck i've ever had... God, when you are being spooned a lot, everything goes so well.

Current Mood: nerdy
Tuesday, March 29th, 2005
7:08 pm
I can't sleep. When I fall asleep, I wake up 5 minutes later only to not be able to fall asleep again. Today I was "fevering". I felt hot and sweating and everything was coated in a haze, or maybe it was just the flourescent lights at the PC, but I felt like bitching a lot. Plus I had to enter $1500 worth of merchandise from the bitch who owns Tickeled Pink. I went to Panera for lunch and they gave me the wrong sandwich... instead of tuna on wheat with lettuce, mustard and tomato, I got turkey on white with mayo, mustard, and lettuce... sick. Then there was this one bitch who brought in a shitpile of clothes, 1 bag only, and they were lost and she was swearing up a shitstorm... I'm so over it I could do nothing but smile and laugh to myself.

I hope someone else watched Blind date last night, it was featuring the "boob sling" shirt. I was so scarred by it, it wouldn't leave my mind today at work.

A friend I let fall out of my life emailed me today, so I am pretty excited about that. She's the shit, it just got real awkward at the end, which isn't apparently the end?

I want to make a final announcement that people should not be responding to my LJ entries anon, I am such an over analyzer that I will think it's one person doing it, then talk myself into it being someone else. And Autumn, you bitch, please just call me already instead of emailing, I miss you.

I got the bike out yesterday and rode to the pet store, then to the gym, and to work today. A nice gas station boy gave me 50 cents to put some air in my tires. I love the cruiser. I forgot how fast you can get everywhere on bike, the only hassle being when it comes time to lock it up, and that moment of anticipation when you walk up to the rack and think for a second that you don't see it, and it's been stolen by some dumb asshole kid who you will probably see riding it down the street at a later date, practically falling off it because the damn thing is too big for his 10 year old body. Okay, so I went out on a limb with that one, but that's what I always figured would happen when my bike was stolen from the Flea Market.

I want to go bowling today, and I am still thinking about being in New Orleans last Spring Break. About now I would be getting a "bushwhacker" daiquari from the drive thru stand and sitting down to a shrimp sandwhich with some greasy fries and letting the water dry off my hair from swimming in the dirty delta. Then I would be sitting down to a game of scrabble and beating some southern ass.

Tonight Andy is taking me to the pet store to pick out some fish, and I am pretty excited about this. Actually I would say that it's today's highlight. I would also like to get shitfaced because I feel some sort of sickness coming on.

As a last comment, I hope you are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Loop left had knockout bag I ordered off Overstock.

Current Mood: amused
Sunday, March 27th, 2005
2:50 pm
Trafalgar Square
"Somewhere, near central London...." I wish I were meeting someone near Trafalgar Square today. I feel like being on a trip, I guess getting a ride to Ann Sather in a car could technically constitute. I am dressed family appropriate... heels and a gross black shirt that people say looks "nice". I've been waiting FOREVER, my mom always does that shit. "I'm really close"... It's freezing in our apartment and I have a headache (hangover/coffee drinking). Now I am drinking Diet Pepsi to clear the whole thing up. I got raped into working a couple of shifts at the PC this week because April bitched enough to make me feel a bit guilty. I was having weird dreams last night that included birds.

We had a super fantastic Easter party last night. I received the best Easter presents ever. The J-ster and I were discussing some of the more ridiculous terms from the "Dirty Book". Baby Gravy? Someone just rode by on a bike, I can't wait until summer when I can bike my ass down to Hyde Park everyday for swimming. I was being a bit sarcastic with that one. Does anyone want to come to Working Bikes Co-op with me so I can trade in the huffy for something bigger? They are only open on Wed. and Sat, but you can get an awesome vintage bike w/ tune up for $40. I was mad last time because they put a neon break cable on my brown, red, and white bike.

I am thinking of renting the Red Violin tonight and maybe Love Actually.

I just got back from the most awkward Easter brunch ever. I had the salmon. I love Ann Sather and everything Swedish.

Current Mood: full
Friday, March 25th, 2005
2:44 pm
Spoonerism: "The transposition of usually inital sounds in a pair of words"
Ex) "Let me sew you to your seat" instead of "Let me show you to your seat". I spent the morning at the auto impound... charging $160 for a towed car and they can't even afford velvet ropes and coffee for the waiting area, God, where does all the money go? Actually, all the wonderful magic takes place in something like a double-wide trailer. It was depressing... located in sort of an "industrial" area of town... lots of people who I am surprised can even afford cars waiting in line to pay money they don't have to get them out. I was in love with a man a couple of people behind us who kept repeating the same nervous twitches over and over. Blink right eye, then left, wipe his nose, grab hat brim, shuffle newspaper: repeat x 100.
I feel rather productive today... all the walking, waiting, sewing, and then the PC this afternoon. And downloading a newly acquired cd, from a certain someone, into my ipod. I forgot to mention watching the intro to a home-movie rendition of Nosferatu, starring Jill's atrocious X, which was most certainly the day's highlight.
It's Good Friday, so I should probably wish all of you a happy one? I have Passover cookies to go round. Did you know that the reason the Jewish people call it "Passover" is because when God instated the 12th plague, which was to kill all the Egyptian's first born sons, the Jewish people were "passed over"? Just a lil' fact I learned in Bible as Lit....

Current Mood: cold
Thursday, March 24th, 2005
9:29 am
Every eye contact is a porno of electricity for two
I throughly believe in this quote. It's one of those experiences that make life worth living. I've stayed up til 3, at least, the past 3 nights, and it's killing me. Then every night I proceed to wake up at least 5 times, restless. In such a good mood during the day, I think my brain is secretly going through all those thoughts which I am choosing to neglect daily, at night. I had a teacher tell me yesterday that I am better at thinking my thoughts than writing them down... I thought this was such a ridiculous statement, of course I am better at thinking them, they are thoughts... meant to inhabit the brain and exist in thought form. Language is just an institution created for people to vaguely communicate between each other.
I am pretty excited about going out tonite... the week was such a let down after a massively active weekend. And technically, after I crawl my way through draping this afternoon, Spring Break will commence. I am doing a whole lot of laying around in bedclothes too, if anyone cares to join me. Actually, at this point it's probably appropriate to being a list of Spring Break activities:

1. Bingo
2. Movie-going
3. Tote-making
4. Bike riding
5. Sex
6. Eating at ethnic restuarants
7. Organizing clutter (God, who am I?)
8. Yellow-tail consuming
9. Constructing laying pants for all the people close to me

I think I have procrastinated my draping "half body midriff muslin" long enough...

Current Mood: excited
Monday, March 21st, 2005
1:20 pm
I pretty much poisoned my body this weekend and ate back the 8 lbs. I was so proud of losing. I am wearing socks today, which is a plus and remembering why I hate them. MY FEET FEEL SWEATY. I couldn't sleep well again last night... woke up about 5 times, which is extremely strange for me. I am trying to figure out this phenomenon. When someone else is in my bed, I can sleep peacefully without waking up. If no one's there, I wake up once every 2 hours. How does my body know someone else is there, even if we aren't touching? Autumn can you come back yet, I miss you already and I need someone to be leaving me secret notes to find so I can be in a good mood. Today I am worried about Grace... she called me at 5am, at some guy's house in my neighborhood and she didn't know how to get to the train. I didn't answer, but tried to call "Brian's" phone back later and no one answered.

Someone stole the book I was reading at the gym, while I was there! If anyone sees someone suspicious carrying around a copy of Murial Spark's "The Bachelors", steal it from them and give it back to me. They will most likely be a member of student/faculty at Roosevelt or Columbia Colleges.

I am super excited about making easter eggs this weekend, and maybe if Jillian's lucky, I will turn some of them into Deviled eggs, which are extremely easy to make.

As far as school is concerned, i really need to get back on task. I have so many stupid papers to write about cyberstalking and setting up blogs and what not. Then there's the one on the Bible and the shit I just turned in about how I am contributing to gender roles through the clothes I choose to wear. Sick. I get so upset, but it's a catch 22 being a fashion major and all. Either way, I am done with this Underground Cafe and eating lunch while on the internet. I gotta run to the PC.

Current Mood: busy
Tuesday, March 15th, 2005
11:53 am
Something to hold onto..
I am feeling extremely dirt bag raunch nasty today. I can't focus on anything, I am dirty, even after showering. I haven't done laundry in approx. 2 months. Right before we went to Louisville to be exact. I don't have on socks or underwear, just the things that people wouldn't be able to notice by looking at me. I feel like snuggling, chatting, and gossiping. Definately not like writing 3 papers in the next 2 weeks, one of which is due thurs. evening. I have to meet with Sports Bra McGee tomorrow morning to figure out the downfall of his ridiculous design.

So much bitching to do at this time of year. It's in the air. Right now I have to look up info on Moschino for contemporary fashion. If anyone has any sources, that would be a super great help.

I can't sleep very well these days. I wake up almost 5 times a night which is really strange for me. I think this is a sign that I need to start drinking more. Actually spooning helps a bit with that too, I feel safe, and safe = sleepy.

Current Mood: tired
Monday, March 14th, 2005
8:40 pm
Socks for Sex
I bought some new socks to wear in the gym tonite. However, they never even made it to my house because I was fighting with Will about not wanting to share a bed in Boston. I just can't handle melodramatic bullshit. Either way, I think I left all my new pairs halfway between the tomatoes and sausages. I left the gym early because my shoes were too smelly, who am I?

Current Mood: bitchy
Sunday, March 13th, 2005
11:01 pm
"Bomb the Suburbs"
I bought this book tonite... pretty funny, it describes most books as being the suburbs, but this one is apparently the city. It's jammed full of funny little things... and I also got a book written by children on fear. It's all about reading as much as I can!

The PC was allrite today... not as busy as usual, which being in a management position, should probably frustrate me. Contrarily, I was glad. Last night was super fun, and I wanted to roll around in those emotions for a couple of hours, at least. There was one Bitch who pissed me off, especially since I am so NICE to everyone.

Why does the weather in Chicago suck... and why do so many awesome people remain here when it sucks so bad? It's probably worse for me because I like to wear uncomfortable combinations like skirts with leg warmers and clogs.

The dieting is proving successful so far. I am just eating less, although most of it comes from fast food establishments or taquerias. And working out? Who can do that while on the uppers and downers of emotion? Apparently not myself.

I was happy trotting around in my anchor skirt today. It makes me feel like I belong to a country club. Actually, I love the "CC LOOK". You know, preppy polo dress & shirts, Kelly green belts, navy blue, khaki, big sunglasses, tennis, exclusive atmosphere and expensive membership fees.

I am trolling off the bathroom now for a hot bath and lots of reading... so please don't disturb me while I soak.

Current Mood: giddy
Tuesday, March 8th, 2005
12:58 pm
"My Darling, My Blood"
I went to the late, late show of "Million Dollar Baby" last night, and today I am paying for it. I am so fucking tired I don't even know what to do with myself. Hillary Swank is so hot, I want to rent "Boys don't cry"... I think she was even hotter there... who am I? And fuck all of you who thought her dress was frumpy at the Academy Awards... My life is such a trash pile lately... I don't even know if I will be able to function when going to Boston. Let's examine why...

Exhibit A: I am wearing crops with Cowboy boots.

Exhibit B: I watch American Idol, Wifeswap, Jack & Bobby, Simple Life Interns, Desparate Housewives,
Blind Date, and Elimidate if I can stay up that late.

Exhibit C: My room is strewn with dirty dishes and laundry I've needed to do for weeks.

Exhibit D: I have 3 cavities and counting, and I have to go back to Rford on St. Patrick's Day.

Exhibit E: Those things with which I can't handle, I am choosing to ignore instead of deal with.

Exhibit F: I am dieting.

Exhibit G: My hair has blond highlights.

Exhibit H: I spent $10 on a strawberry Jelly tote at Target.

Exhibit I: I am going to be doing a free lance grading job dealing with "non-stretch" sports bras?

Exhibit J: I am at the part of A.H.W.O.S.G. dealing with a description of what cremains actually look

Those are all I can conjure up the stregnth to document right now... however there are more and they will be posted soon.

Current Mood: frustrated
Thursday, March 3rd, 2005
5:54 pm
This bastard downstairs on the street is yelling over his intercom, "It is 5:57, there is no parking on this street until 6, if you leave your car there, it will be ticketed and towed". This is what I do between classes... when I am not eating, I am using the internet in this abandoned computer lab. Anything to stay away from the real world. I am thinking of discontinuing my live journal. All the people who I tried to get signed up to read it didn't (except for Autumn ((I love you)) and that man of whom I no longer speak ((I hate you))). I wonder if that is correct usage of parenthesis. I am going to Boston, give me suggestions of things to do. I am also getting my hair cut and dyed tomorrow, so I need some suggestions for that as well. I typed an entry the other day about the part in A.H.W.O.S.G. (Yarrito, you know what that is) which refers to telling complete strangers the weird and "intimate" details of your life... I think it's great, people will look at you funny, but it's not like they would ever really be able to comprehend and capture all the details of the fact that you masturbate in the shower ever day (This is an example from the book...). It's not like they know how you do it, or what you think about, or what your bathroom looks like. Does it get foggy? Are the lights dim or bright? Do you have a shaggy bath mat, or smooth? How many kinds of lotion do you keep? Are you one of the 50% of all Americans who don't wash their feet in the shower (GROSS, especially for people like me who refuse to wear socks). Either way, I need to do something else online before my Race, Class, and Gender: A History of the United States class..... Later on, I will be drinking some fireball martinis at Bar Louie in the loop if you care to join me....

Current Mood: geeky
Wednesday, March 2nd, 2005
9:54 am
Piss Pants
Every second I glance toward the litter box, Royal is in there doing something. I mean like every 15 minutes... pebbles everywhere. Today he got the water bowl on his head before breakfast. He makes this ridiculous whining noise where he opens his mouth a crack and this low, yet mind-numbing, obnoxious, blashpemous, and I want to stomp on him. He's getting fat, always demandig attention, sleeping on my ironing board, leaving a webwork of fur only to get on my clothes when I am actually trying to make them look cleaner.
Someone tried to break into the apartment upstairs yesterday, during the day when Jessica was taking a nap on the futon, and I don't know what to think of it all. I had dreams about someone coming in, but don't really remember them in too much detail. There was some stomping around upstairs this morning. We hear everything in this building, and through the tragedy of yesterday we are growing closer than ever to our upstairs neighbors, as much as we dispise the kind of ignorant people they are, who like to fight about porn. Right now I was planning on being at the gym, but it's kinda like this... I worked out last night until 7:30, we can really get up and do all that again? Then I was up reading the Bible until about 11:30, and I was so irritable I couldn't stand the sight of anyone, and still can't. I thought of couple of new slogans for the tote bags, by the way, I wondering which of you will order one. The slogans now go as follows:

1. I (heart) the vag = ORIGINAL
2. Bras restrain me = THE GRACE

And feel free to add your own slogan, everyone is a good slogan writer at heart.

I got a new CD yesterday, courtesy of Kim in the UP. They are called the Muldoons, I am thinking of bringing them to the PC today for your listening pleasure. They play some music that is just ridiculous... but the lead singer is quite possibly the hottest man on earch and should buy himself a nice pair of adult sized liederhosen. I hope all of you know what those are, otherwise I will have to disown youn. Either way, I now have more important matters to attend to like cooking some eggs and eating them with tea and toast. I am so English I make myself sick! I will probably eat them while readig Davide Eggers in bed, SO THERE!

Current Mood: awake
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